Harford County Board of Education Administration Building (LEED Certified Project)

Harford County Board of Education Administration Building (LEED Gold Certified)
HVAC, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Voice & Data, Security System Engineering by Spears / Votta & Associates

M/E/P design for four (4) story office building core/shell and tenant improvement with approximately 74,000 gross square feet. HVAC will be a four pipe system. HVAC for the building is provided via a central chilled and heating water plant, supplying a 4-pipe system with hot and cold water available to individual air handling units located on each floor. The building achieved LEED Gold Certification, and included energy conservation measures such as high efficiency chillers, heat recovery for exhaust and relief air. Throughout the design process, the HVAC system was continually analyzed and energy models updated to ensure the most cost effective and energy efficient system.

Electrical lighting consisted of 2' x 4' parabolic louver fluorescents, which are oriented at a 90° angle to the exterior walls of the building to minimize light spill and meet Dark Sky requirements. Receptacles throughout the building are supplied via K13 rated dry type transformers to mitigate harmonic loads from computers and electronic equipment. A device addressable ADA compliant fire alarm system was provided, along with overhead paging, cable television signal distribution, and a complete wired voice and data network wiring system.

Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Plumbing Engineers, Lighting, Alarm & Communications Designers

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