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Tide Point Redevelopment
M/E/P Design & Engineering by Spears / Votta & Associates

Tide Point is a combination of five (5) buildings which were originally built as a manufacturing facility for Proctor & Gamble in the Locust Point section of Baltimore City. The project involves the adaptive reuse of these industrial buildings for waterfront office space. SVA initially was involved in a historical assessment and preliminary planning phase of the project which involved 450,000 square feet of space.

After the preliminary phase, the shell building design was initiated. This work included setting up utility services for all the buildings including water, sanitary, gas, central HVAC systems, main air handling units, electrical fire alarm and communications. The mechanical system includes design of a VAV system with electric heat, roof mounted cooling towers, and compressorized water cooled air handling units. The campus electrical system included the redesign of the existing primary 15 KV electrical service reusing equipment wherever possible. All tenants will be sub-metered. A central campus fire alarm system was installed with individual control panels in each building. All systems were designed so that each of the five (5) buildings could be sold if necessary. Shell work included design of central M/E systems and public spaces such as elevator cores, stairs, restrooms, and equipment spaces.

Following completion of the shell building design, SVA provided tenant improvement mechanical/electrical/plumbing (M/E/P) system designs for the majority of the tenant spaces throughout the redevelopment project.

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